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May 2018

Gear Review – Canon 7d Mark 2 and Tamron 150 – 600 mm lens

In Blog Photo Column Uncategorized By Brad Leontsinis

On a recent trip to the East Africa I took with me an additional body and lens. For the body I decided on the Canon 7d Mark 2, a camera which get’s excellent reviews as a top performing wildlife camera which makes use of a crop sensor. The Lens – Tamron SP  150 – 600mm…


Apr 2018

Sams’ time in the Okavango Delta

In Blog Lodge Reviews Travel By Sam Leontsinis

My recent trip to Botswana reminded me yet again of why I left my chaotic creative industry life. I spent 4 nights in a land that rejuvenates your soul. Botswana is one of the very few true great wilderness areas we have left, and it is just magical.


Jan 2018

Best Wildlife Moments of 2017

In Blog By Sam Leontsinis

A showcase of just a few of the most beautiful moments which our extensive travels in 2017 brought our African Insider guests. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Africa and start planning your next trip today.                   Rhinos continue to be poached at rates which…


Dec 2017

Our Favourite Places To See Africa’s Top 10 Bucket List Species

In Blog conservation By Brad Leontsinis

  Many people who have never travelled to Africa have certain ideas about what a safari is like. Khaki clothing, round brim hats and action, lots of action! While neutral coloured clothing and as much sun protection as you can get are certainly hits, the actual experience on the ground can vary greatly. Each one…


Sep 2017

Capturing Beautiful Scenes

In Blog Photo Column By Brad Leontsinis

Photographing the natural world seems to present endless opportunities. The scenes we encounter are often awe inspiring but can be challenging to capture in a way that portray’s the true atmosphere of the moment. Landscape photography is certainly one of the more intricate and complicated forms of outdoor photography. Specialist landscape photographers dedicate all of their…


Sep 2017

Journey through the Okavango Delta

In Blog Lodge Review By Brad Leontsinis

Ker&Downey Botswana Journey In April, I was hosted on a trip through the Okavango Delta in Botswana by Africa in Focus and Ker&Downey Botswana. Ker&Downey have four properties spread around the Okavango Delta which we visited: Shinde, Okuti, Kanana and Footsteps Across Africa. All of the Ker&Downey properties are beautiful, well located and have special…


Feb 2017

Best Moments of 2016

In Blog Photo Column Travel By Brad Leontsinis

2016 was full of spectacular moments for our African Insider travellers. In celebration we have compiled a showcase with just some of these unforgettable highlights.                                                             …


Feb 2015

How Kruger elephant bulls became the Kings of Pilansberg

In Blog By Brad Leontsinis

This past Tuesday, 10 February 2015,  during a private guided African Insider day trip to Pilanesberg, we got to spend some time with this amazing and massive bull elephant, Amarula. This particular bull achieved national stardom thanks to his car bullying antics, which have been documented on two occasions in recent years. The behavior was…


Jan 2015

Trophy Hunting

In Blog By Brad Leontsinis

I will never forget the day I first laid eyes on the most impressive animal I have seen in my life. I was guiding a safari on foot at the edge of the Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park in Zambia. It was not long before I picked up some unmistakable tracks on the loose,…