Best Moments of 2016

2016 was full of spectacular moments for our African Insider travellers. In celebration we have compiled a showcase with just some of these unforgettable highlights. 


© Joel Segal – Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa. (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Vanessa Lagios – People of Rwanda, Kigali. (Instagram – @vlagios)


© Brad Leontsinis – Elephant Charge, Busanga Plains, Zambia. (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Linda Sakane – Crocodile Tail. Lion Sands, Greater Kruger, South Africa. (Instagram – @lgsakane)


© Joel Segal – A rare moment. Black Rhino mother and calf. Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. With only 5000 animals left world wide and soaring poaching figures, Black Rhino populations are critically endangered. (Instagram – @JoelSegalphotography)


© Sid Morris – Jackass Penguins. Boulders Beach, Simons Town, South Africa.


© Brad Leontsinis – Mokoro ride, Okavango Delta. Xigera Camp, Botswana. (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Vanessa Lagios – Silverback Gorilla. With only around 800 wild Gorillas left in the world, surely few moments can compare with ones like these. Volcano National Park, Rwanda. (Instagram – @vlagios)


© Bill Miller – Elephants and lions. Chobe, Botswana


© Joel Segal – Bazaruto Island, Mozambique. (Instagram @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – A special experience surrounded by elephants in the Savute Camp log pile hide. Savuti Channel, Botswana.(Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Linda Sakane – White rhino bull. Lion Sands, Greater Kruger, South Africa. (Instagram – @lindasakane)


© Bill Miller – Spotted hyena, Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana.


© Brad Leontsinis – Leopard. Linyanti, Botswana (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Linda Sakane – Tough guys. Lion Sands, Greater Kruger, South Africa (Instagram – @lgsakane)


© Vanessa Lagios – A special kind of selfie. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. (Instagram – @vlagios)


© Joel Segal – Cheetah, Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. The latest Cheetah figures are extremely concerning with less than 7000 individuals left an expected decline of 50% of the population within 15 years. Phinda game reserve is a particularly good place to see Cheetah. (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – Savuti Channel, Botswana (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Vanessa Lagios – The Ankole-Watusi, also known as Ankole Longhorn. Its horns can reach up to 8 ft (2.4 m) from tip to tip and are used for defense and cooling by honeycombs of blood vessels. Rwanda. (Instagram @vlagios)


© Sid Morris – Elephants, Lion Sands, South Africa


© Bill Miller – Swimming at the edge of the Victoria Falls, Zambia.


© Brad Leontsinis – High concentrations of wildlife at waterholes during 2016 drought. Kruger, South Africa. (Instagram- @bradleontsinis)


© Sid Morris – A special occasion and group, friends and family together. Lion Sands, South Africa.


© Joel Segal – Lion reflection. Phinda Privae Game Reserve, South Africa. (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Linda Sakane – Noordhoek beach view from Chapmans Peak drive, Cape Town (Instagram – @lgsakane)


© Vanessa Lagios – Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. (Instagram – @Vlagios)


© Bill Miller – Lions caught and killed a wildebeest in front of the vehicle. Sabi Sabi, South Africa.


© Joel Segal – A perfect sunrise. Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – A night under the stars in Botswana, Chitabe Camp. (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Vanessa Lagios – A view of Volcanoes National Park from Bisate Lodge, Rwanda. (Instagram – @vlagios)


© Bill Miller – The King, Sabi Sabi, South Africa


© Linda Sakane – Sunset at Lion Sands, South Africa (Instagram – @lgsakane)


© Sid Morris – View of Helshoogte pass in the Wilnelands of Stellenbosch. Western Cape, South Africa


© Brad Leontsinis – Water rush. Kruger National Park, South Africa (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Vanessa Lagios – Monkey see… monkey do 🙂    (Instagram @vlagios)


© Liane Stein – Elephant mother and calf. Tubu Tree Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana. 


© Joel Segal – School Class. Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Bill Miller – The beast. Sabi Sabi, South Africa


© Joel Segal – Dhow sail boat, Bazaruto Island, Mozambique(Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – Elephants at sunrise, Busanga Plains, Zambia. (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Joel Segal – Bazaruto Island, Mozambique (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – “Boating” over an Okavango sand bank (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Sid Morris – Game Drive, Lion Sands, South Africa


© Brad Leontsinis – Okavango Delta, Botswana (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Joel Segal – Bazaruto Island, Mozambique (Instagram – @joelsegalphotography)


© Brad Leontsinis – Lion vs hyena, Kruger, South Africa (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


© Brad Leontsinis – Idos Mulenga, Zambian guide. Busanga Plains, Zambia (Instagram – @bradleontsinis)


Hot Air Balloon ride over the Busanga Plains


© Brad Leontsinis – And that’s a wrap!(Instagram – @bradleontsinis)



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